The Future is Faster Than You Think (Peter Diamandis/Singularity University)

The world is changing faster than we think. Much faster. How will your company keep up and thrive?

As 2019 ushers in… we look to Peter Diamandis to guide us through the speed of change in this smart 30 minute video. Will your teams be empowered with the STRATEGY, COMMUNICATIONS and AGILITY to surf on top of the “speed and information tsunami”… and not get crushed by it?

Diamandis outlines 7 different forces so you and your company can thrive with eyes wide open. In doing so, he provides a fascinating, relevant and rapid-fire overview on topics like:

- Moore’s Law/Exponential Technologies - How does this impact your product/service offering?

- Time Abundance/Time to Innovate Massively Increasing - How does this impact your go to market strategy?

- Communications Abundance > in 2017, 3.7 Billion people were connected, but by 2025 this number rises to 8 Billion people - How does this impact your technology rollouts?

- Capital Abundance/Demonetization of Technology > With crowdfunding/venture investing hitting new records, the velocity of capital flowing is unprecedented. in addition, tech costs are dropping rapidly (i.e.: cost of human genome sequencing in 2001 was $100M dollars, but by 2019 this cost will drop to just $100!) - How does this new financial paradigm impact your company’s fiscal management and bottom line?

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