About TKO Communications


TKO Communications is a boutique technical documentation firm. This means we are business writers first and foremost. We’ve been helping companies deliver their messages with greater accuracy and impact for over 25 years.

At TKO, we're in the business of information simplification - we provide an objective analysis of your business message (often technically complex or layered with internal jargon), help you map out your communications purpose and strategy, and then develop clear, concise content that meets your communications objectives. This year alone, we've helped our global client base communicate effectively and nimbly by making sure their business messages are on targeteasily understood and drive measurable results.

And we love what we do. 

We're a recognized leader in the field of corporate communications, having partnered with a diverse array of global organizations, including G4S, Mercer Canada, Mercer US, Bank of Montreal, Marsh & McLennan, Humana, Brinks Canada, Brinks US, Glaxo Smith Kline, MacLaren McCann Advertising and CN North America… just to name a few!

What We Do


You know the difference between a communication that gets read, and one that is utterly forgettable. Clunky, unclear communication actually costs you money. Most business documents are ineffective, unclear and will get lost in the shuffle. So how do you craft a message, or build a communication tool that doesn't get overlooked? 

Our talented team is here to help you with it all - content marketing, process mapping, training guides, leadership presentations, quick reference tools, best practices, systems documentation. We're fast. We're reliable. We're stealth. We get it.

When you hire TKO, you outsource your brain-trust to us. It’s our job to discern what you know, distill what will be relevant to your audience, and then present this information in an engaging way. When our job is complete, you are left with solid, effective communication materials that your audience can: Read. Navigate. Understand. Apply. 

We’ve been operating for 25 years, refining our expertise to keep up with the ever-changing communications landscape. Yet one thing has never changed - our clients feel secure in our hands. We are protective of your data. We relieve you of the onerous task of writing it all down. We provide objectivity where your teams cannot. And we do this all without being an encumbrance to staff. We’ve honed these skills, and we're extremely proud of the work we do.

Take a look through our site. Review our many client testimonials. Relief is only a phone call or email away. Contact TKO today.

Fast Results


It's nearly impossible to overstate the benefits of being able to communicate effectively within a business context. Skillfully developed, agile communication has a central role in the success of any organization.

TKO guarantees fast results - empowering your customers, end-users and employees. By reading through or even just referencing TKO documentation (executive summaries, vision & strategy documents, process maps, end user manuals, presentation decks, marketing content), readers are able to learn about your message, product or service swiftly and easily.

This leads to:



The TKO team has extensive experience delivering key information through:



Precise, well-written business communication increases productivity and drives ROI. Plain and simple. Yet, not everyone's a writer, and that's where TKO comes in. It's our job to swiftly determine what your business is trying to say and who needs to hear it, with precision and minimal interruption to your workday. We know you wear many hats, so when you hire TKO, we're here to help support you by making it easy and effortless to outsource your brain trust to us. We provide a framework to define your business needs and then develop the right communications solution.  When our job is complete, we empower you and your teams to run with this solution independently.



The TKO team applies the principles of the WordGuide System™ to each project. This powerful methodology can organize information from any business category and shape it into any form required: executive summaries, vision & strategy documents, process maps, end user manuals, executive presentation decks, marketing content. Combined with a detailed understanding of your subject, this results in information that is easily read, navigated, understood and applied. 

TKO's top-line process always includes:

  1. Defining your overarching communications goal (including the objectives required to meet that goal).
  2. Researching your subject matter in a non-intrusive manner (requiring as little of your staff’s time as possible).
  3. Auditing your systems, products and services as well as any existing documentation you may have, quickly and efficiently.
  4. Synthesizing this data to develop both core and tangential messaging, aimed directly at your target audience(s).
  5. Devising a content/technical editing schedule and then providing revisions as needed.
  6. Delivering your final communications material in a way that leaves you entirely self-sufficient (so you can continue to make revisions independently, as your business dictates).

For business process improvement (BPI), we:

  1. Identify the current state of a process.
  2. Analyze the flow of data and tasks across cross-functional teams.
  3. Capture improvements.

Our work typically includes:

  • Meeting with everyone involved in the process and understanding the function each of them plays, as well as the data flows into and out of that process.
  • Identifying gaps and breakpoints where errors occur or data is lost.
  • Ascertaining the organization’s goals and objectives with respect to that process.
  • Determining areas for improvement and innovation.
  • Identifying the desired future state, on a macro or micro level.
  • Assisting as needed with implementation.

TKO's project methodology can use any of the following tools or techniques:

  • Process mapping
  • DMAIC (for Lean Six Sigma organizations), being Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control
  • DRIVE - Define the scope, Review the current process, Identify improvements, Verify and plan implementation, and Execute the plan
  • Computer simulations
  • SPC (statistical process control) to reduce quality variability



Mercer US

I have used TKO on numerous occasions to help clarify and present strategies to business partners, technology leaders and the broader IT organization. TKO has always come through for me on this. They have been able to take complex technology concepts and break them down into precise, clearly articulated messages that was understood by all groups. This has been instrumental in aligning the overall organization to a vision and goal and has allowed us to make tremendous strides towards our overall strategy. I would highly recommend TKO to anyone who needs to get a message out in a clear and concise manner.

Ed Daniels, Head of Technology and Enterprise Architecture, Mercer
New York, USA

Kirsten and TKO have helped to create high quality communications materials for several high profile technology projects that I have led at Mercer. The most recent materials included a commercial-quality brochure for the client profitability tool that her team designed for the rollout to the 3,000+ client facing teams around the globe and that were also handed out during regional “road shows”. TKO took a complex concept and distilled the content to four pages of highly visual diagrams and graphics that explained the importance of the system and it’s methodology to an audience of senior executives. In addition to this work, TKO has created many user guides, quick reference guides, product announcements and related materials for a variety audiences, including the technical staff, Finance end-users and client-facing teams. They takes a very active role in understanding the salient points of what needs to be communicated, asking many questions about the business purpose and end-user expectations which greatly improves the quality of the final product. They have been our go-to communications specialists whenever there is a high profile and complex product to be rolled out.

Doug Rausch, as Product Management, CRM and Business Intelligence
Mercer USA

Hoboken, New Jersey

I’ve used TKO’s services on multiple occasions and have always been pleased with the finished products produced. TKO’s ability to transform newly learned financial systems knowledge into accurate, thorough and user-friendly documents continually impresses me. TKO’s robust communications solutions are used to facilitate training for hundreds of users across global, enterprise-wide financial systems. Feedback (from users & trainers) is particularly positive as manuals are filled with clear, concise text and helpful screen images. TKO’s documents have directly reduced post-training calls to our global Help desk. I would highly recommend TKO for any technical writing project you may be planning.

Mark Schoenfeld as Principal, Mercer Finance Solutions
Mercer USA
New York, USA


TKO was brought on at G4S to help us document and improve some of our key interdepartmental processes. They were very easy to deal with, and quickly provided concise work estimates and key deliverables for each of the processes identified – this included Scheduling, Billing, Procurement and Vendor/Subcontractor Management. TKO is also part of our CGSB certification project team. They continue to provide quality service, and I would not hesitate to recommend TKO to work on any future business communications projects. 

Tony Lourenco, Vice President, Operations Support, G4S Canada
Toronto, Canada

Brinks Canada

TKO has provided an impressive array of business and technical communications services to Brink’s Canada and Brink’s US since 2005. They have been our consistent go-to communications firm for projects large and small – including countless Operations Guides, Training Materials, Desk Manuals and Process documents, in addition to both brainstorming session facilitation and top-line document delivery for a number of Vision & Strategy planning sessions across interconnected Brink’s divisions. We value the way that TKO will jump on an airplane in a moment’s notice to complete a deliverable in record speed, while at the same time delivering consistently high standards. TKO is easy to work with and provides excellent ROI. I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsten and her colleagues for any communications initiative.

Peter PanaritisPresident of Brinks Canada
Mississauga, Canada

Mercer Canada

Kirsten and her company provide incredible value to my organization. Kirsten is a communications expert and I have come to rely on TKO for advice in the communications space, as well as delivery on specific initiatives.

Harry Van DrunenGlobal Chief Information Officer, Mercer Canada
Toronto, Canada


I don’t feel anywhere near as confident as this book looks….
(days before Mark was to facilitate global training to 1500 WSIB employees)

Mark MacKenzieTraining Coordinator at The Work Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
Toronto, Canada

I brought Kirsten and her people in on a very detail-oriented piece of work editing and proof-reading about 1200 pages of operational policies. This material had to be perfect, as we were about to publish it on the web, and we had strict timelines. She and her team did excellent work, and delivered right on time. I’d hire her again.

David G. Williams
Assistant Director, Digital Communications at The Work Safety Insurance Board (WSIB)
Toronto, Canada

Marsh and McLennan Companies

Kirsten and her TKO associates approach their client work as though they are solving opportunities for themselves, exhibiting ownership responsibility. I’ve asked for their value added assistance numerous times over the last fifteen years. They structure the work so it can be done in a non-distracting way, but with sufficient input to create the needed value. The work has run the gamut from technical solution reference user guides to divisional enterprise strategic plans.

Larry J. Boyd as VP of Finance, CIO Finance Infrastructure Solutions at Marsh and McLennan Companies
New York, USA


TKO has earned a solid track record delivering high quality training programs and outstanding documentation across multiple GSK projects. The first phases of our eForm implementation, for example, were a big success due in large part to the combined efforts of the TKO writers involved. TKO’s top-quality writing specialists offered meticulous attention to detail, the ability to get up to speed quickly, and a steady execution of effective communications strategies. In addition, they wore many hats for us – developing key documentation and also facilitating the training itself. TKO’s training sessions have been met with wide praise from trainees and management alike, enabling us to meet and exceed our training targets.

Sharon Martin, PMP
Project Manager (Strategic Sourcing Partnershipsat Glaxo Smith Kline
Mississauga, Canada

Canac Global Railway Solutions

TKO was hired by Canac Global Railway Solutions to write, develop, edit and design an on-line Help system for our Marconi client – a leading long distance telecommunications service provider located in Lisbon, Portugal. The project was extremely vast in scope as it involved the integration of 131 separate telecommunications software applications. It was mandatory that TKO understand the intricacies of each application quickly in order to correctly reflect end-user sensibilities and needs. TKO was also expected to manage the flow of information from a wide variety of developers plus stay on top of configuration changes throughout the development process. TKO met and exceeded all project deadlines completing work on time with excellent quality results.

J.J. Blais
Director of Operations at Canac Global Railway Solutions
Toronto, Canada


We are and have been extremely happy with TKO’s output. I plan to highly recommend TKO for additional project work within Humana. Solutions provided have been fast, goal-oriented and reliable. Thank you for helping to make this project a resounding success.

John Flaherty
Project Manager (General Ledger Conversion Project) at Humana Inc.
Louisville, Kentucky


I worked with Kirsten at a large HR consulting company in Hoboken, New Jersey where TKO was engaged to write training and system documentation for an Hyperion Planning implementation.  Kirsten was a quick study on the software and conducted herself professionally at every stage of the project. She was patient with those of us who had to change our scheduled meeting times with her due to project conflicts and reacted without pause when portions of the system had to be changed…. Which directly impacted her deliverable. Her work product was complete and accurate, one of the best I have seen. I would recommend Kirsten to anyone looking for excellent documentation and training products. I look forward to working with her again.

Landi Hawk of Oracle
New Jersey, USA

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