Why not Use Your Own Internal Teams to Write About your Technical Products & Services?

Deciding to allocate funds for an external writing resource may seem like an extravagant leap for some companies.

You might say: “Why not just use our own people? After all, they’re the ones with the knowledge in the first place.”

And you’d be right; but only to a point. Extracting that specific knowledge (out of their heads!), and then transcribing it in an engaging, useful way for a defined end-audience? Now that’s another scenario altogether.

TKO writers have a unique advantage over the various subject matter experts you may have in-house. Wehave the objectivity to write about your service, product or technology from a layperson’s perspective. Your in-house people do not. We ask and address the kinds of basic questions that your internal people would never think to ask, because quite simply, they have TOO MUCH INFORMATION.

Ask a Developer, Project Manager or Business Analyst within your company to describe the function of the ‘Exit button’ on a new application.  You might hear: “Well, in Release 2.0, the ‘Exit button’ took you to the previous screen. However, in release 2.24, the Exit button was disabled. In Release 3.0 we lobbied to drop it all together but there was no support for this. Actually, I’m really not satisfied with how the ‘Exit button’ functions right now. It allows you to leave the screen you’re on, but depending on where you are in the system…”

Has our basic question been addressed? Absolutely not.

TKO’s writers are not encumbered by version histories, personal assessments or internal politics. We can get to the point and write directly for your target audience(s) in a distinctly clear, rational way. In addition, TKO writers bring advanced research, writing and organizational skills to all communications projects. So information doesn’t just get written down, it gets written properly.

It only makes sense that a resource who writes for a living will bring a more consistent, dedicated skill set to a writing assignment than a Project Manager, Executive or Developer (who – no matter how talented a writer – may be asked to tackle an enormous volume of time-consuming business writing in conjunction with other core work duties).

So the only question left to ask is this… are you ready to allocate funds for a resource who actually writes for a living, and has no additional work duties that compete with the efficient development of your business message?

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