Working in conjunction with a ‘360 degree’ Toronto advertising agency, TKO directed account executives, copywriters, creative/art directors and designers in the development of advertising, communications and direct marketing strategies for ADP USA – a Fortune 500 company providing back office outsourcing solutions for 26 countries around the world. Specifically, TKO developed and implemented a ‘calendarised’ marketing approach – to promote awareness via multi-touch sales collateral, allowing ADP to narrow-focus its advertising/sales efforts around key issues, thereby reaching diverse channels and ensuring a consistent brand identity.

Adventure Place

Adventure Place is a non-profit Early Intervention & Prevention agency, serving children with ‘Special Needs’ and their families. For Adventure Place, TKO developed an integrated series of technical marketing brochures, a new website (all content and design), and several reference/process manuals to describe the Adventure Place ‘range of core services’.  These materials included information designed for teacher-therapists, psychologists and other child care professionals. They also included information relevant for social service and government decision-makers. This integrated suit also provided parents with information about Adventure Place, children with ‘Special Needs’, and the ‘Day Treatment’ & ‘Early Intervention’ program options offered.

Angoss Software

ANGOSS Software Corporation Inc. is a leading developer of advanced ‘data mining solutions’ on the Microsoft platform. It helps customers to build intelligent enterprises by unlocking, sharing and acting on the knowledge contained within their data.

For ANGOSS Software Corporation Inc., TKO re-developed a series of White Papers on several core products – KnowledgeSERVER®Analytic Decision Engine (ADE), KnowledgeSERVER® for PeopleSoft, and KnowledgeSTUDIO® Publisher. Each White Paper was designed to be used as an effective tool for information provision, selling and technical implementation. In addition, TKO helped ANGOSS redesign a series of marketing focused ‘Success Stories’, making them effective and accessible to multi-level audiences.

Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal is one of Canada’s foremost leading financial institutions. TKO developed, wrote and edited end-user manuals, training manuals, operations guides and two online help systems for the Risk Management Division of Treasury Trading. This series of user documentation (much of which was designed to be available online via a company intranet) provided an integrated communication tool. Its purpose was to allow the complex functionality of the Bank’s customized Risk Management System software to be understood and used successfully by traders, operations personnel and upper management in Toronto, Chicago, Montreal, Vancouver, New York and Singapore.

Brinks Canada

Brinks Canada provides secure transportation, cash logistics and other security-related services to banks and financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, mints, jewelers and other commercial operations worldwide. Established in the United States in 1859, Brinks now operates in more than 52 countries, moving billions of dollars in money and valuables everyday.

For Brinks Canada, TKO developed a large number ofSOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for the Finance Division, creating user-friendly policies & procedures that reflect up-to-date practices for Brinks Finance employees across Canada. TKO also developed the Brinks Canada Payroll Desk manual (detailing daily, monthly & annual tasks involved in preparing payroll), the Accounts Payable and the Accounts Receivable Desk manuals (defining core AP & AR tasks for head office staff), the SMART Billing Regional Desk manuals (defining SMART Billing processes by region), the Fixed Assets Desk manual (detailing major Fixed Assets functions), and a comprehensive Canadian Operations Guide (used as a field manual for all of Brinks local branches).

Most recently, TKO has worked with Information Technology & Human Resources team leaders at Brinks Canada to structure a workable vision for two enterprise-critical documents – the ‘IT Vision & Strategy document’ and the ‘HR Vision & Strategy document’. These wide-ranging communications components are continuously being updated to reflect evolving business practices at Brinks.

Brinks US

Brinks US provides secure transportation, cash logistics and other security-related services to banks and financial institutions, retailers, government agencies, mints, jewelers and other commercial operations worldwide. Established in the United States in 1859, Brinks now operates in more than 52 countries, moving billions of dollars in money and valuables everyday.

For Brinks US, TKO developed a Call Center Operations Guide, detailing operations procedures for its US Call Center. TKO has also developed mission-critical Vision & Strategy documents for Finance, Product Management, Human Resources and Sales departments at Brinks US, along with writing the Brinks US Organizational Design Project (focusing on Branch Unification), and the Brinks US ‘Engagement Strategy’.


Canyon Ranch


Canyon Ranch is the world’s recognized leader in healthy living and luxury spa vacations, with destination spa resorts and Canyon Ranch® facilities on land and at sea. Since 1979, they have received countless awards and accolades for their innovative approach to health and fitness, and for the serene, relaxing and inspiring spa environments they provide for guests. For Canyon Ranch in Tuscon - their flagship property - TKO co-developed and helped launch The Metabolic Reset nutritional program - empowering guests to achieve personal nutrition, energy, health and weight loss goals. TKO worked with Canyon Ranch’s Personal Dietary Department to conceive the approach and define best practices. TKO also developed initial marketing materials and pitch decks to raise awareness of the program both internally and externally, and provided one on one training facilitation to guests and staff at the ranch. Since it’s launch in late 2018, the Metabolic Reset is in Canyon Ranch’s top six revenue-generating consults.


Royal is the operator of 80 Danier leather stores across Canada and in Europe. TKO developed, wrote and edited a key productivity tool, The Danier Operations Manual, which required the mapping of all company business processes into one publication that would serve as the key operational information source for all store employees.


DWL is a leader in Unified Business Services software. DWL applications elevate customer, account and product functions from front and back office silos to an enterprise-wide service layer. For DWL, TKO developed and implemented a documentation approach (including template redesign), and a complete suite of new and enhanced documentation, for the latest release of the product ‘DWL Customer’. Documentation focused on Instructional and Reference material for programmers and implementation teams at DWL itself.

Etobicoke Children’s Centre


The Etobicoke Children’s Centre (E.C.C.) is a Children’s Mental Health Centre serving children from birth to age 12 and their families who live in the communities of Etobicoke and York, Toronto.

For the E.C.C., TKO developed a series of integrated marketing brochures to fully describe their core service offering and help provide families with the best chance of accessing their services. Part of this marketing effort involved a redesign of the E.C.C. logo itself, plus a re-branding of central presentation materials (including a redesign of individual process flow diagrams), to meet with Annual General Meeting requirements. Lastly, TKO participated in a multi-faceted content development approach, co-authoring a successful Request For Funding Response.


As Canada’s leading provider of security solutions, G4S offers a unique combination of services including risk assessments, security personnel, security technologies, screening services and cash management solutions. G4S employs thousands of Canadians and operates in offices across the country. It provides its clients with customized security solutions that solve their unique security challenges. Using industry-leading expertise, they design and manage service offerings for public and private companies across the country, operating in diverse environments, industries and markets. For G4S, TKO has developed an interrelated suite of process flow documents to bolster subcontractor relations, ensuring maximum ROI. We have also been instrumental in helping to document and improve some of G4S' key interdepartmental processes, including Scheduling, Billing, Procurement and Vendor/Subcontractor Management. TKO is also part of G4S' CGSB certification project team.

Glaxo Smith Kline

Glaxo Smith Kline is one of the world’s leading research-based pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, committed to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer.

For GSK, TKO developed a series of technical training materials used to train new users (at all levels of the organisation) on a customised ‘purchase requisition system’ called EForms. Training material included animated PowerPoint presentations, training manuals,notes for trainers themselves and Quick Reference Handouts. In addition, TKO designed the entire training strategy and facilitated each of the training courses.

TKO was also asked to participate in an exciting corporate finance initiative to assist GSK in meeting the requirements defined by the new Sarbanes-Oxley Act. TKO met with GSK’s process owners to provide detailed process flows and associated process narratives, helping to identify and ensure regulatory compliance by documenting all ‘risks’ and ‘control points’. Sarbanes-Oxley processes were developed for GSK’s Purchase-to-Pay and Tax & Treasury Departments. Budget and Forecasting Process documentation for brand groups across all therapeutic areas, as well as Operations Costs Groups (all Expense and Infrastructure Business Units) were also produced. Additionally, TKO created Test Plans and Test Cases based on the process flows and narratives identified above.

Lastly, TKO developed a User-Training Needs Assessment Document for GSK’s Integrated Facilities Management Outsourcing project. TKO’s extensive research and content output presented a plan for a recommended training approach plus manual development (at both macro and micro levels).


Humana Inc. is a US-based health and supplemental benefits company, providing full-service benefits solutions for employer groups, government benefit programs and individuals.

For Humana, TKO developed an integrated suite of end-user documentation for a third-party software solution that co-generates payment and summary reports for Humana’s customers. TKO’s documentation captured before & after processes at the macro level while also providing task-based, workflow-driven instructions to Humana’s Accounts Payable associates and senior executives. Additionally, TKO developed new documentation & augmented existing materials for Humana’s Accounts Payable Disbursement system.

Finally, TKO developed Procedural and Process manuals to help facilitate a vast, enterprise-wide General Ledger Conversion project.

Intelliware Development


Intelliware provides planning, custom development, integration and support services to a wide range of business sectors. With top clients like Scotiabank, UHN, Loblaws, RSA and Innovapost, they offer a range of services and solutions – from enterprise application development to mobile solutions, from planning to portals, and from strategy to UI design.  In 2017, Intelliware was selected as one of Canada’s Top Employers for Young People by Mediacorp Canada. They believe in staying at the forefront of applying new technologies to solve business problems for clients, and setting new standards for the way software is built. 

TKO leads Intelliware's enhanced Content Marketing strategy - spearheading weekly blog posts and white papers, and providing communications strategy and editing services to educate, inform and promote products/services for Intelliware's internal and external audiences.

MacLaren McCann Advertising

MacLaren McCann, a cutting-edge Canadian advertising agency, handles a large portion of the advertising work completed for General Motors in Canada. TKO wrote and edited a series of GM Fleet Client Newsletters used to update and educate GM dealers on technical matters associated with the selling and re-selling of GM Fleet vehicles.

Marsh and McLennan Companies

Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. is a global professional services firm providing advice and solutions in the areas of risk, strategy and human capital. It is the parent company of a number of risk experts and specialty consultants, including Marsh, Guy Carpenter, Mercer and Oliver Wyman Group.

For Marsh, TKO developed the MMC Planning Application Reference Guide to train financial users on a highly customized, enterprise-wide planning, budgeting and forecasting tool, integrating all financial and operational planning processes across the company. TKO also worked with Marsh’s newly minted FIS (Financial Infrastructure Solutions) Team to develop an integrated suite of ‘Vision & Strategy’ documents critical for the group’s ongoing success. Such workable vision statements provided concrete direction for each FIS lead, and became the touchstone for subsequent actions (as objectives were easily identified and collective achievement plans were spelled out clearly).

Mercer Canada

Mercer (part of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.), is a global leader for HR and related financial advice, products and services, with more than 18,000 employees serving clients in over 180 cities and 40 countries/territories worldwide. For Mercer Canada, TKO initially worked extensively with GMIS (a dedicated, internal IT division now called Mercer Global IT), to create Instructional Manuals, Process Maps, Training and Quick Reference materials for Time Entry, Opportunity Tracking and Data Warehousing tools as well as key Oracle-based Financial Management Systems. TKO also designed a suite of technical marketing materials (websites, brochures, sales presentations) to describe core products and services offered to Mercer’s 18,000+ employees around the world. Finally, TKO developed a series of On-line Help systems for Mercer’s Client Activity Management tool in Australia, plus Sales guides and Training documentation used to describe multiple versions of Mercer’s Time & Client Data Management System for Mercer’s Billing Consultants in the UK.

Over the years, TKO has provided highly specialized, one-on-one business writing training for senior management and 50+ staff members at Mercer as well as the development of next generation presentation decks geared for internal stakeholders and Global Town Hall events.  As a result of these sessions and decks, company-wide messaging, writing and organization skills have been greatly improved. Employees note they feel empowered to continue writing at a more sophisticated level, and demonstrate improved self-confidence in both report writing and presentation development.

TKO has also assisted in the development of ‘What’s New’ documents, which describe new product features and business flow changes across multiple internal tools/applications for Mercer employees. Most recently, TKO has been engaged to help co-define a global communications strategy for the newly formed Mercer Global IT function at Mercer, including participation in the revamp of Mercer’s new SharePoint intranet as well as related, multi-level communications collateral.

Mercer US

Mercer (part of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.), is a global leader for HR and related financial advice, products and services, with more than 18,000 employees serving clients in over 180 cities and 40 countries/territories worldwide. For Mercer US (Mercer’s global financial headquarters), TKO designed a series of Training & Reference guides for customized, Hyperion-based software applications. ‘Enterprise’ guides provided instructions/walk-through workshops on financial consolidation, reporting and analysis on a global scale. Training materials were used by training facilitators to successfully orient audiences across the US, France and Latin America. ‘Pillar’ guides (later referred to as Mercer Budgeting Tool guides) provided instructions/workshops on enterprise-wide budgeting, planning and forecasting. These materials are continuously being updated to reflect current business practices.

TKO also developed an internal marketing campaign to introduce Mercer’s senior executives from around the world to a new Global Client Profitability tool. This campaign, complete with high profile brochure and web presence, led to a successful rollout.

Most recently, TKO produced a monthly ‘What’s New’ for global users, describing up-to-the-minute technical features and enhancements, per build cycle, for Mercer’s Data Warehouse. These materials are continuously being updated to reflect current business practices.


Mevotech creates top quality, technologically advanced automotive parts and has been revolutionizing the automotive aftermarket since 1982. They specialize in driveline, steering and suspension auto parts, and are consistently rated one of the best in the industry. Products are engineered in Canada and designed in-house in Mevotech's North America headquarters - starting with OEM specifications and then identifying, researching and innovating in areas where improvements can be made. For Mevotech, TKO has created and developed 'Disaster Recovery Planning documentation' to identify steps that need to occur in order to recover from various disaster scenarios.

Nonlinear Creations

Nonlinear Enterprise delivers intranet solutions informed by practical strategy and supported by exceptional infrastructure and applications - they help companies understand and navigate the changing world of work by building tools and digital workplaces to prepare both the company and the employee for work in the 21st century. With a team of passionate in-house consultants with expertise in strategy, user experience, creative design and technology, they deliver real solutions to real world challenges facing organizations today. Nonlinear Digital plans and builds websites and digital marketing platforms for global clients, using insights from data and analytics. They provide digital strategy, integrated marketing, analytics and optimization, customer experience, and content strategy.

For Nonlinear Digital, TKO supports content marketing efforts through creating and updating content for client website solution pages  - this includes identifying solution offerings by aligning them to customer needs, describing the process steps that resolve each of these needs and defining customer benefits, both environmental and organizational. 

Oliver Wyman

Oliver Wyman (part of Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc.), is an international management-consulting firm that combines deep industry knowledge with specialized expertise in strategy, operations, risk management, organizational transformation, and leadership development.

For Oliver Wyman, TKO developed the HFM Reorganization Guide, used to train Hyperion users in New York and Boston about the way financial system data had been reorganized, hierarchically, to reflect the company’s new rebranding initiative. TKO also produced a series of ‘What’s New’ documents, detailing key features and enhancements for end users, in addition to Quick Reference guides describing Oracle-specific changes.

Railway & Transportation Institute

The Railway and Transportation Institute operates as a research and educational business, helping transportation companies like CN North America create and implement nation-wide training initiatives. For this client, TKO re-designed, wrote, and edited the Train Operating Rules Manual, the Protection of Track Units and Track Work Manual and the QSOC Technical Training Manual. All three manuals were used in the railway’s re-certification program for train masters, yard personnel and engineers.

Russel Metals

Russel is one of North America’s largest flat sheet metal distributors. TKO developed, wrote and edited a series of training manuals and a customized Online Help System used to implement the Oracle Training Program for their financial division.



Ryder has had operations in Canada for over 50 years and offers unrivalled expertise in cost-effective transportation and supply chain solutions for both small and large businesses. Ryder Canada offers a full range of Supply Chain, Distribution and Transportation Solutions. For Ryder, TKO develops mission-critical ‘Three Year Strategic Roadmaps’ to help drive and set strategic direction, as well as align and support Ryder’s sales targets across a number of key divisions. To further strengthen these roadmaps, TKO develops ‘Action Plans’ to ensure accountability through to execution for Ryder’s teams. In the area of company-wide marketing, TKO co-authors, copyedits and compiles the quarterly Ryder Canada newsletter, which reaches an audience of 1000 Canadian employees (across 50 Ryder facilities, coast to coast). The Ryder Canada newsletter conveys the tone and corporate vision for the company while also motivating, educating and inspiring Ryder Canada employees.

Sigma Systems

Sigma Systems sells industry-leading telecommunications software packages to markets world-wide. For Sigma, TKO created and designed the TELCASE Online Help System. This advanced Online system integrates 131 separate telecommunications software applications for the training of new TELCASE users in Portugal, Zambia, Burkina-Faso, Ivory Coast and China. In addition, TKO conducted regular seminars on WordGuide System techniques, and served as a key strategist in the company’s drive for ISO 9000 certification.

St. Joseph Communications

St. Joseph Communications is a full-service communications company with finely tuned expertise in content, media and print. For more than 60 years, they’ve delivered solutions that matter to respond to clients’ ever changing needs, build their competitive advantage and produce tangible results.

TKO worked closely with the SJC team (including project coordinators, animators and web developers) to produce all written content for the launch of the company’s new website. TKO also developed a key, client-facing corporate video – showcasing why SJC has become one of Canada’s largest, most diversified, privately owned communications partners – using a fast-paced, contemporary, and highly engaging video format.

TKO also partnered with SJC to produce several corporate videos for their client Shoppers Drug Mart. These videos were used as key learning tools at high profile SDM executive meetings to describe topics such as: “What is the Front Store team doing for our Customers?”, in a fresh, innovative way.


Visual Genetics

Visible Genetics is a DNA sequencing equipment and re-agent supplier to laboratories and hospitals. The company has gained recognition among medical professionals for its development of the breakthrough GeneClipper and GeneBlaster applications. TKO wrote and developed an Intranet-based User Help system for new users and internal employees describing both of these applications. TKO also provided training courses to prepare Visible Genetics for maintenance and upkeep of this online document.

Visual Edge Software

Visual Edge Software is a company which produces object-oriented software packages for developers. For Visual Edge, TKO developed, wrote and edited end-user documentation and a stand-alone Online Help System for the company’s key middleware product, Object Bridge.


The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) oversees Ontario’s workplace safety education and training system, provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of health care, and assists in early and safe return to work. For WSIB, TKO redesigned the core template used for training. TKO also assisted trainers in developing a large suite of courseware used to train Finance and non-Finance staff on new PeopleSoft General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Purchasing modules, as they apply to WSIB specific business practices.

TKO also assisted the WSIB with the formidable task of editing and proofreading 1200 pages of operational policies, achieving a successful outcome within very tight time-lines.